UNDP Shop Exclusive: Little Sun Solar Lamp

The Little Sun Solar Lamp was designed to make a big difference – for people and planet.

Its inventor is world-renowned sculptor Olafur Eliasson. His alternative solution to costly and poor-quality light sources (experienced by millions of people every day) was to create a portable yet powerful solar-powered lamp. So effective, in fact, that just 5 hours of sun exposure produces over 50 hours of navigational light, or 4 hours of bright light for reading and working.

One simple device that provides educational, industrial, and survival benefits!

Currently, over 280,000 Africans without electricity have received a Little Sun. But wherever you live, this lamp is environmentally (and financially) friendly. Using a fully-charged Little Sun for 4 hours each day (on bright setting) for one year is equivalent to using 120 of the longest-lasting AA batteries!

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