The Humanium Metal Initiative

Turning illegal firearms into a product for peace

Humanium Metal was developed by IM Swedish Development Partner to help the progress of Sustainable Development Goal 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions), reduce violence, and promote peaceful collaboration.

The first target of SDG 16 calls for significant reductions in “all forms of violence and related death rates everywhere.” Humanium Metal provides a tool to tackle this challenge on an individual as well as societal level.

The success of the initiative is dependent on the number of Humanium Metal watches people own. We hope you will become one of them!

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Serious steps, from weapon to watch

The weapons that are melted into Humanium Metal have been cleared for destruction by relevant public national authorities. Every single firearm has gone through a thorough process of verification and origin before it is cleared for destruction. The weapons currently used in our watches are from El Salvador, one of the countries most affected by gun violence.


How we help victims of violence