Climate Action

Climate Action: Our Priority!

Celebrate Ocean Day every day

Let’s declare victory over plastic waste! Join UNDP in protecting our planet from pollution and climate change by saying “no” to disposable plastic. To start, simply turn to sustainable products like bamboo cutlery, reusable bento lunch boxes, and thermal bottles to reduce plastic waste from “single-use” ­– at home, at work, and on Earth. 

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Climate action

The time to push for climate is now. We can all act against climate change and work to protect our planet. Make Climate Action a priority! Get the word out and go green by shopping for sustainable products from UNDP Shop’s Climate Action collection. 

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Let’s take care of our biodiversity

What if the products you love also made the world a better place? From planting trees to putting an end to elephant poaching, UNDP Shop is excited to highlight sustainable products that support biodiversity. Together we can build a better future.

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UNDP Story: Fighting hunger, protecting wildlife

Biodiverse ecosystems are essential to us all. During COVID-19, preservation efforts have been weakened, threatening animals, ecosystems, and local food security. Now, innovative approaches offer sustainable solutions. From conservation efforts protecting wildlife in Zambia to efficient aquaponic farms in Bhutan, discover nine UNDP stories from around the world, of people living in symbiosis with the ecosystems they share.

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