Customized and Bulk Orders FAQs

Corporate, Bulk and Customized Orders FAQs 

Interested in placing a corporate or bulk order for your company, institution, or school? Explore the answers to common questions below. To learn more and submit your order inquiry or ask for more details, please visit our Corporate Gifts & Bulk Orders page. Our dedicated team will provide you with suggestions, options, and estimates promptly.

Bulk, Corporate and Wholesale Orders 

Are bulk orders subject to any duties or taxes? 

Do you offer special discounts for large orders? 

Are educational institutions eligible for any special discount?  

What payment methods are accepted for corporate, bulk, and wholesale orders?

How long does it take to complete a bulk order? 

Can I place a bulk order for out-of-stock items? 


What kind of customization options do you offer? 

What lead time is required for customized orders? 

Are discounts available for customized orders? 

UNDP and UN Office Orders 

How can I place a bulk order if I work for UNDP or another United Nations agency?