Climate Action Super Hero Stamps - Full Sheet
Climate Action Super Hero Stamps - Full Sheet
Climate Action Super Hero Stamps - mockup
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Climate Action Superheroes – Limited Edition Stamps

Explore a new and inspiring limited edition stamps series showcasing the UN Climate Action Superheroes, now available at the UNDP Shop.

Released to celebrate the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 28), this special event sheet features ten captivating stamps, each adorned with the iconic United Nations logo.

Encourage young minds to champion climate action and the SDGs with these collector’s stamps: a powerful reminder that every small action from our youth contributes significantly to preserving our planet.

Purchase these fun stamps today and join the United Nations Development Programme in fostering a generation of heroic leaders for positive change.

More on this product:

Each stamp sheet contains ten stamps, thoughtfully designed to bridge languages and cultures. The left half showcases five USD 1.45 stamps, featuring the incredible United Nations Climate Action Superheroes with text in English. Meanwhile, the right half boasts five CHF 1.10 stamps, presenting five other captivating superheroes, with text in French. 

These stamps can be used for mailing purposes or kept as collector's items*. 

Quick Facts:
  • Date of issue: 30 November 2023  
  • Illustrator: Emily Arlington (United Nations) 
  • Designer: Rorie Katz (United Nations) 
  • Denominations: USD 1.45 (with text in English); CHF 1,10 (with text in French) 
  • Format: each sheet features 10 stamps in the two available denominations 

The tabs on the left side (English) of the sheet features the following Climate Action Superheroes: 

  • Truth Talker – Has the facts about climate change and tells others about it. 
  • Veggie Vindicator – Educates everyone on why to eat – and appreciate – more veggies. 
  • Recycle Ranger – Knows proper recycling techniques and shows others what items belong in which bin. 
  • Green Guide – Keeps plants healthy and doesn’t let them go to waste. 

The tabs on the right side (French) of the sheet features the following Climate Action Superheroes: 

  • Fashion Fixer – Mends, donates and keeps clothing. 
  • Water Wizard – Keeps dangerous plastics from getting into the ocean and makes sure you don’t let water go to waste. 
  • Energy Expert – Never wastes electricity, and always turns off the lights when they’re not needed. 
  • Fume Fighter – Defender of clean air and protecting the atmosphere from bad fumes. 
  • Stamp size: 40.6 mm x 29.8 mm 
  • Tab size: 26.6 mm x 29.8 mm 
  • Sheet size: 279.4 mm x 215.9 mm 

Each sheet of the Climate Action Superheroes limited edition stamps contains a total of ten stamps, five with USD denomination and text in English and five with CHF denomination and text in French. 


*Please note that UN stamps issued in USD and/or CHF can only be mailed from UN post offices located in UNHQ New York and/or Geneva.  

To facilitate the mailing process, mail/letters will be accepted with the current postage rate and rerouted to their respective local offices for mailing purposes. Please note this may require additional processing time. UNDP and the UNDP Shop are a separate entity from the UN Post and are not responsible for any undelivered or lost mail. 

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