UNDP Shop Exclusive: SDGs Soccer Ball

soccer ball sustainable optimized women

Our ​soccer balls​ are special. And that’s not just because they have the SDGs on them!

They were designed by a Danish youth soccer coach named Majken Gilmartin. Earlier in her career, Gilmartin saw that many young players would get fatigued easily when they started playing with a larger ball.

That’s why she designed a ball that would be more ergonomic, especially for women of all ages. The ball is a bit lighter and smaller than a professional-size ball. It’s also made of softer materials for extra bounce, and has a protective outer layer made out of polyurethane.

The result is a long-life soccer ball that causes fewer strains and injuries. And that means you can score a lot more Goooooooalllss! for the Sustainable Development Goals.  

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